Love, Your Evil Ex-Girlfriend

Hell hath no fury like a pop star scorned.

Mia Harlow has had enough. Enough of the media making her out to be a fame monster. Enough of her so-called friends using her to launch their own careers. And enough of the boys who keep breaking her heart. But they’re all about to get theirs, because Mia’s written a song for each of them on her upcoming album titled ‘Revenge.’ Before vengeance can be hers, though, Mia will have to survive the month-long media storm leading up her album’s release. And if she’s going to claim her spot at the top of the charts, she can’t let anything distract her. Not her dreamy new assistant, who seems bent on making her question everything she thought she knew about love. And certainly not her ex-lovers, who are all trying to keep her from spilling their dirty secrets.

The stand-alone, companion novel to Not If I Date You First!

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